Deep facial cleansing is the process during which the esthetician aims to remove sebum, daily pollutants and dead cells from the skin using cosmetic products.

It includes six stages:

1st stage: Remove daily pollutants and make up using emulsion and facial lotion.

2nd stage: Dead cells removal using a facial scrub.

3rd stage: By the use of a specific machine which produces steam we open the skin pores.

4th stage: By exercising pressure to the skin we remove sebum from the pores.

5th stage: With the help of high frequency electric currents (electrotherapy) we reinforce the skin antisepsis.

6th stage: We apply a face mask according to the needs of every skin type.

After the treatment there is a mild irritation due to perfusion, which subsides and totally disappears after a few hours.

After the cleansing treatment the patient can return directly to his activities.

Deep facial cleansing lasts 1/5 to 2 hours in total always depending on the skin type and the problem.

Deep facial cleansing can be performed at any age and by anyone - women and men.

It can be the best solution to dermatological problems such as acne.

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