The term of free flaps regards the transfer of body tissue (skin, fat, bone tissue) from one part of the human body (the donor), to another part of the human body (the recipient).

This technique is performed in order to cover large defects such as tumors of the oral cavity, for aesthetic reasons ( e.g. Breast Reconstruction with autologous tissue DIEP) or for functional reconstruction of the face such as after facial paralysis and more.

A necessary precondition for a successful free tissue transfer is the vascularization of the donor area and the preparation of the vessels of the receiving area in order to perform microsurgical anastomosis of arteries and veins.

This technique can also involve the free transfer of nerve grafts in order to restore an area’s paralysis (facial nerve paralysis).

Dr Kretsis qualified in microsurgery performs a plethora of free flaps transfer surgical operations both reconstructive and cosmetic.

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