It is a congenital or acquired condition on which both or one the facial nerve stems suffer, due to congenital reasons, or due to injury or any oncological procedure.

Facial paresis may be either in the core nerve or on the path of the nerve.

The treatment varies depending on the etiology and position of the paresis. The person with facial paresis may have a wide range of clinical symptoms, which may be initiated by a blank face (Mobius Syndrome –congenital paralysis) and result to face ptosis which has the symptom of loss of convergence of the upper eyelid, or to ptosis of the corner of the mouth etc.

The restoration of facial nerve paralysis can be separated to Static, Dynamic and Functional restoration.

Today the restoration of facial paresis is performed only by qualified plastic surgeons through microsurgical and microneurogical techniques and by the use of the so-called functional recovery of the facial nerve resulting to the restoration of the facial nerve’s normal functionality using free nerve graft if necessary as well as the free muscle transfer.

In conclusion, the functional recovery of the facial nerve relieves the patient from the disability of the face and restores innervation to the affected area once and for all.

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