Rhinoplasty is probably the most difficult cosmetic surgery of Plastic Surgery. The difficulty does not lie in the performance of the surgery by a plastic surgeon but in the fact that the three basic principles of plastic surgery must be strictly followed, in order for us to consider it successful:

  1. The visible result of the operation must not be noticed by those around us and our nose must be a natural continuation of the rest of the face.
  2. By the surgery the physical function of the nose must be restored, that of normal breathing and smelling.
  3. The results of the surgery must be natural on sight and to last in time. Furthermore no signs of surgical intervention should be visible.

Besides the aesthetic importance of the nose on a human face, the nose is also the only functional organ concerning the human functions of correct breathing and normal smelling. Any rhinoplasty performed, should correct functional issues of the nose, that is to say breathing and smelling (functional rhinoplasty).

Modern functional rhinoplasty regards the restoration of both the aesthetic outcome of the nose and its functionality. They are both equally important and thus during the same operation all the abnormalities of the nose should be corrected.


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