It is probably one of the most difficult procedures and it concerns  not only the aesthetic deformity of the nose but also the functionality of the nose (breathing-smelling)

The re-operation of the nose should be performed only by very experienced and qualified plastic surgeons because it is almost certain that if the outcome of the second operation is not a positive one then the next operation is even more difficult to perform.

A failed rhinoplasty has greatly influenced the structural elements of the nose (bone-cartilage)has created internal scar tissue which reduces the possibility of a positive outcome.

However in the hands of Dr. Kretsis even the most difficult problem of a failed rhinoplasty can have a natural and long-lasting effect.

It is almost  it is certain that in order to solve the problems of a failed rhinoplasty we will require grafts from cartilage and temporal fascia  to rebuild the foundation layer of the nose and smooth out any aesthetic disproportions.

Only the correct diagnosis, proper surgical technique and the proper use of grafts can restore the anatomical deformity that has arisen from a previous unsuccessful surgery correcting the problem and producing a natural result .

In Vk Institute of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Dr. Kretsis can repair complex problems that have resulted from unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgery giving you a natural nosewith long lasting results.

Before and After | Reoperation of an unsuccessful rhinoplasty

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