The operation of endoscopic Mid Face Lift mainly concerns the middle third of the face which is anatomically determined by a line joining bilaterally the tip of the eyebrow to the angle of the mandible. The facial tissues concerning that area are the first the signs of facial aging.

Usually the first changes in a face mainly concern the middle area of the face, where the nasolabial line ( deep line that runs from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth) is deeper. Tissue relaxation is increased at the buccal (cheek) area, and the area around and under the eyes (bags, heavy lines). Generally the face looks more tired and sadder.

Am I the right candidate for endoscopic Mid Face Lift;

The operation mainly concerns young women with premature signs of aging on the mid face such as:

  • Bags in lower eyelids.
  • Relaxation of the lower eyelid area.
  • Intense nasolabial lines.
  • General ptosis and looseness of the mid face.

Before and After | Endoscopic (Mid Face Lift)

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