It is a surgery concerning patients who have experienced a massive weight loss.

This operation corrects en block the lower body area, the excess fat in the abdomen, the excess fat concentrated to the sides of the body and the back of the body.

Furthermore in the same surgery the loosening and drooped buttocks are also corrected. It is an operation which corrects dramatically an extended portion of the body, beginning from the costal arch (costal margin) down to the mid-thigh.

Am I a candidate for a Lower Body Lift;

The operation concerns patients who have experienced a massive weight loss and face sagging around the abdomen and the lower limbs (legs-buttocks).

Patients who are to undergo to this intervention must:

  • Be healthy.
  • Not to have any psychiatric disorder.
  • Have stabilized their weight for at least one year.
  • Women who weight 8-12 kilos more than the normal average.
  • Patients with normal weight who want to improve their body contour.
  • Patients who underwent liposuction and experience excess skin concentration in these areas.

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