What are Spots - Freckles and what causes them?

Spots and freckles or otherwise discolorations are benign skin lesions caused due to increased excretion of melanin in the skin.

They occur throughout our body, but more often they appear on the body parts which are exposed to the sun the most, the face - neck - décolleté and hands.

The sun is a bad ally these discolorations, as overexposure to sunlight activates the protein pigment produced by the melanocytes, giving the skin a darker color.

It can also be due to

  • Hereditary predisposition
  • The use of drugs, such as contraceptives, hormonal therapy
  • After a pregnancy

Over time spots and freckles grow and may spread to other parts, especially after chronic sun exposure.

What methods and treatments should I do?

Initially there should be clinical picture by Dr Kretsis so as to see at what stage they are and in what type they belong.
Then, Dr Kretsis will suggest the appropriate remedies to relieve you from these unsightly discolorations.

With Laser :

With Laser they can be removed easily. It is currently the most direct and most effective treatment for discolorations and spots, especially on the face and hands giving a uniform color and a youthful skin.

By selecting different wavelength depending on the type and depth of the dermal lesion we eliminate the damage leaving the surrounding skin intact. Initially, the spot hit with laser turns black for 5 days.

The use of sunscreen cream is essential. The patient can directly return to daily activities.

The duration of the treatment is 20 minutes. In order to reduce the pain we apply an anesthetic cream prior the treatment and using the laser’s cooling system. During the treatment the patient has a slight yet tolerable sensation of pinching. At the end of the treatment there is a burning sensation which subsides after 1-2 hours.

If the spots are superficial a single session is enough to eliminate them. If the spots are deeper then a repetitive session might be needed after 30 days.

Laser is the most effective method in removing spots and treating the discoloration, providing a more uniform color tone, a youthful skin and a more youthful appearance.

Additional treatment methods :

  1. Bleaching creams, which suppress melanocytes and reduce discoloration. The application is recommended during the winter months.
  2. Chemical peels, are extremely effective especially when the spots are superficial if they are deeper additional sessions will be needed.
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