Skin aging is a result of long term exposure to the sun and is occurs with the appearance of brown spots, spider veins, wrinkles and in a more intense stage with skin sagging.

Treatment with Nd yag laser is non-invasive and is considered to be one of the best anti-aging treatments. The skin regains its lost elasticity, it is much brighter as eliminates spots by balancing the color homogeneity and the fine facial wrinkles.

It also contributes in the immediate firming of the skin by enhancing the existing collagen and helping in the gradual production of new collagen.

How does it work;

The laser emits a light beam of high intensity, with a particular wavelength that penetrates the skin and transfers the amount of energy directly in the fibroblasts, resulting in the production of collagen and elastin. The laser improves the skin surface as well, be closing dilated pores, bleaching stains and freckles and restoring a uniform color tone over the entire face.

ND Yag laser faces both infectious and cystic acne. In cases of infectious acne we use less power and perform 4-6 sessions with a time interval of 15-30 days. In cases of cystic acne we use high power and perform 4-10 sessions depending on the depth of the scars. It is a perfectly safe method.

Treatment with Nd laser yag is painless and the patient can return to daily activities on the very same day. If he is hypersensitive to pain, an anesthetic cream is applied. Furthermore, just before each pulse a small quantity of cooling air selectively falls on the skin, in order to cool and soothe the skin. The patient wears goggles to protect the eyes.

30 minutes after the treatment a slight redness is observed which last for 24 hours maximum.

The patient after treatment’s completion must use a sunscreen cream for the months to follow.

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