Fraxel is the revolutionary method of regeneration and anti-aging. It is the latest breakthrough of laser technology, which provides spectacular results in regeneration of the facial skin, neck, décolleté and hands, eliminating facial wrinkles, improving skin tone and pore size, erasing unwanted brown spots, acne scars with resulting to a more youthful and firm skin.

The human skin is the first organ of the human body where the effects of aging begin to appear from the second decade of our lives.

The aging of human skin is caused due to both environmental and genetic factors, which cause a reduction of the collagen - elastin so the skin becomes thinner, loses its brightness. Spots and freckles start to appear resulting over time to the facial skin to lose its natural and radiant appearance and to become aged and tired.

Today, Fraxel treatment technology is revolutionary in both the application method and results. It is the latest technological breakthrough in skin regeneration and antiaging of the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Fraxel through controlled partial scanning of the skin’s surface has the ability to mobilize the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin. The results are a dramatic reduction of facial wrinkles, a tremendous improvement in texture, thickness and skin gloss, and the dramatic reduction of discolorations, spots and acne scars. It is the only laser that can safely pass through the deeper skin layers without destroying the surface layers of the skin.

Except from the improvement on face, neck, décolleté and hands, it also provides a rapid recovery of the scanned surface with full restoration in 48 hours while the patient can return to everyday activity from the following day.

In addition to these results the regeneration and anti-aging that the procedure provides it is also very impressive, which can last for many months after the treatment, or even years, depending on the number of sessions that have been achieved (1-3) with an interval of 21 days.

The procedure is almost painless and bloodless with the application of an anesthetic ointment. The process of Fraxel treatment takes about 20 minutes. After the treatment the patient feels a sensation of heat in the face with a mild erythema (redness) which subsides within 48 hours. The patient can return to every day activity from the following day wearing a facial foundation to cover the slight redness.

The results are visible after 4-5 days reaching the best level in 15 days and lasting for many months where the image and skin texture continues to improve. Depending on the extent of the problem we can perform 1-2 or 3 sessions with an interval of 3 weeks.

Fraxel skin regeneration is a medical act and is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon in the field of skin regeneration and anti-aging.

Fraxel skin regeneration is the most modern, most effective skin regeneration method with extremely rapid recovery without restriction to daily activities and with spectacular results, which are visible from the first week and last for years.

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