Over the past decades (since 1960) lasers are increasingly used in aesthetic medicine applications. Their use by our qualified medical personnel is extremely effective and completely harmless.

Laser hair removal is a completely safe and secure method. It is the most modern and effective method in order to relieve you from unwanted hair on face and body, suitable for men and women.

Hirsutism may be caused due to heredity, hormonal disorders or racial origin.

There is also hair growth which is not caused by any of the above.

The constant effort of depilation with a razor, depilatory cream or wax is painful, time consuming and without providing a permanent solution.

On which body parts is Alexandrite laser suitable?

Laser hair removal can be performed throughout the body, in men and women. More specifically:

  • Face (entire face or isolated areas like the upper lip, neck, sideburns, eyebrows)
  • Body (hands, armpits, abdomen, chest, pubic area, legs, back, waist, shoulders)

How is hair removal with the use of Alexandrite laser performed?

The laser emits an invisible light beam which is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the hair root and causes thermal necrosis to the hair bulb without affecting or harming the surrounding skin. A single pulse is sufficient to destroy the hair follicle. The patient and the operator wear special goggles to protect their eyes and to comply with safety rules.

Am I the right candidate for an Alexandrite laser hair removal?

It is suitable for men and women after the age of 15. It is performed in light and dark skin types.

The ideal combination is white skin and black hair, but even if not it is just as effective.

How to choose the appropriate Laser-Operator?

The choice of laser hair removal method is personal, ie people who have signs of:

  1. Hirsutism
  2. Thylakitis
  3. Cysts in the armpit, after the use of razor-wax
  4. Hypersensitivity to any other method
  5. Rough skin
  6. Open – intense skin pores showing the hair melanin
  • It is essential to get informed about the laser type, at the moment the most effective is alexandrite laser.
  • It is advisable to choose a medical center with the suitable qualified personnel, where they keep a record for each patient separately.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Not at all. The patient feels a slight stinging which subsides at once as the laser has a cooling mechanism relieving at once the sense of burning.

How many sessions will I need?;

The number and frequency of the sessions depend on many factors such as:

  • The area of application
  • The thickness and the color of the hair
  • The hair growth stage
  • The skin color

In general the sessions are performed every 45 days, the body requires 6-8 sessions while the face 10-12 and all that in conjunction with all of the above.

Laser hair removal treatment guideline

  • Over the next few days avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen with a high protection factor.
  • Do not undergo sunless tanning.
  • It is essential to use soothing cream for 3 days.
  • In some cases a mild redness and swelling may appear which subside in a period of a few hours up to a day.

Laser hair removal contraindications

  • People who systematically take drugs (such as cortisone).
  • People undergoing isotretinoin treatment.
  • During pregnancy, lactation.
  • In systemic lupus erythematosus.
  • During the use of anticoagulants.
  • In areas that have been exposed to Solarium.

Is laser bad for our health?

The laser is an amplified beam of light and not a radioactive, it is designed to provide 100% safety to the patient as the only purpose of the laser is the destruction of the hair follicle without affecting in any way the surrounding skin and vital organs.

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