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Plastic Surgeon Vasilios Kretsis is a Medical School of Athens graduate and PhD candidate. After completing his specialty in Plastic Surgery he was awarded with the Higher Diploma by the European Commission of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (FEBOPRAS) and with the specialty certificate by the Greek Society of Plastic Surgery (HESPRAS).

Vasilios K. Kretsis was accepted by the famous University of California, Irvine where he acquired the title of associate (Fellow). He specialized in Aesthetic Surgery under the guidance of international reputation professors of the University of California, Irvine, Professor Bruce F.Connell and Professor Malcolm D. Paul. He aso specialized in Breast Reconstruction Microsurgery with the use of autologous tissue, under the guidance of internationally acclaimed Professors, Professor Gregory R .Evans and Professor Mark. R Kobayashi M.D.

During his specialization in the University of California of Irvine he acquired wide experience in the field of craniofacial surgery under the guidance of the craniofacial surgeon Professor Michael J.Sundine. This gave him the opportunity to undertake and perform innovative procedures such as facial Aesthetic Surgery (Endoscopic Mid Face Lift, Endoscopic Neck Lift,) as well as, to perform the most complex rhinoplasty surgeries after unsuccessful rhinoplasty.

Dr Kretsis is specialized in microsurgical techniques through which he is capable of performing innovative autotransplantation operations (free tissue transfer) in order to cover complex defects after oncological operations. Such as breast reconstruction with autologous tissues after mastectomy, creating new tongue and jaw after oncological surgery of the head and neck. Complex defects after accidents and amputations are now aesthetically and functionally restored with the innovative techniques described above. Cases of paralysis of the facial nerve from various causes are now functionally restored by the free transfer of nerve grafts which is a method applied in the most specialized centers all over the world. Furthermore, cases of upper and lower limb lymphedema, are now successfully treated with the free vascularized transfer of the lymph nodes from another area of the body to the affected limb. Using this technique, we have the improvement or even the disappearance of the patient’s disability condition.

Dr. Vasilios K. Kretsis adopts and applies the most modern and efficient techniques in the Aesthetic and Restoring sectors of Plastic Surgery.

He is a pioneer in a number of Aesthetic Surgery operations such as Mid Face – Star Lift, Endoscopic Neck Lift and Biorepair – a method which he developed. An innovative method of facial regeneration and anti-aging, as well as a range of new techniques and procedures that cover all levels of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery as breast reconstruction after mastectomy using microsurgical techniques and autologous tissue and injecting fat using stem cells.

Articles by Dr. Kretsis have been published in acclaimed international journals of Plastic Surgery. His latest article, entitled "Longevity of SMAS Facial Rejuvenation and support” has been placed among the most popular articles by the world’s famous Plastic Surgery journal “Plastic and Reconstructive June 2010”. He is a consultant for the development of new products and techniques in the Global Society of Plastic Surgery and a researcher with pioneering results in facial reconstruction using stem cells and growth factors.

Dr Kretsis continuously gets informed on new technical developments and future trends in plastic surgery by either participating in International Conferences or by being a keynote speaker at International Conferences of Plastic Surgery.

Dr Kretsis is a popular personality as has appeared on many television and radio programs while several interviews of his have been published in newspapers and magazines. Dr Kretsis beyond the strong qualifications that has is distinguished for the natural and long lasting results that he achieves with the interventions he performs. He believes strongly in communication and trust, so that the patient, after full and honest information, knows and appreciates the result of any intervention he is about to undergo.

Memberships :

  1. European Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  2. Fellow University of California, Irvine
  3. G.M.C (Ln) General Medical Council LondonGreek Society of Plastic, Aesthetic, Reconstructive Surgery
  4. Greek Society for Melanoma
  5. Greek Society for Breast Surgery
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