Over the last years mesotherapy plays an important role in the anti-aging of the face, neck, hands, and also provides a surprising result on cellulite, the skin laxity and facial wrinkles.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a microinjection technique applied intradermally under the surface of the skin to the mesoderm.

We inject hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E amino acids, retinoic acid, anti-aging agents, and growth factors (growth factors) thus, we provide mesotherapy by our own organism.

Which of the above will be injected depends on the problem we have to face. It provides a direct result, as it helps us in firming, in deep hydration providing a radiant and youthful appearance.

We have cell an fibroblasts regeneration producing collagen and elastin.

How is mesotherapy performed?

Mesotherapy is performed in the office by Dr Kretsis. Initially we apply an anesthetic cream for 20 minutes and then we perform microinjections using a very thin needle so the patient has no feeling of pain. Microinjections are performed with in a centimeter from each other by injecting a small amount (microdroplets) thereby covering the entire surface of the face and neck.

Right after the treatment there is a small irritation to the injected areas which subsides in the following hour.

The patient can directly return to everyday activity.

How many therapeutic sessions must I do?

The frequency of the sessions depends on the extend of the problem. Usually 4-6 sessions are adequate with an interval time of 15 days. Afterwards the patient may follow a maintenance treatment once or twice a year.

Every case is faced differently depending on the needs of each patient. The result is visible from the very first session.

Body Mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy provides excellent results in cellulite, skin laxity and local fat concentration, treating our small body imperfections.

Most women are troubled by a skin condition known as cellulite. Body mesotherapy improves the body contour.

By the term cellulite we mean the water and fat accumulation under the skin which is accompanied by reduced elasticity connective tissue and results to the appearance of wrinkles formation on the skin.

Cellulite is divided into 4 stages:

Stage 0 : When the woman is standing or lying down, the surface of the skin is smooth. By pinching the area we see skinfolds and no cellulite.

Stage 1 : When the woman is standing or lying down, the surface of the skin is smooth, but if we pinch the area we have dimples formation.

Stage 2 : When the woman is lying down the skin is smooth, but when standing at an upright position the skin has an orange peel appearance.

Stage 3 : Cellulite is visible in any position without pinching the area.

Regardless of the stage of cellulite mesotherapy provides a solution to the problem by targeting the fat cells.

The medicines used are a combination of mostly herbal preparations (herbal extracts) and pharmaceutical agents (caffeine, phosphatidyl choline, hyaluronidase), which increase lipolysis and facilitate the release of fat cells providing regeneration of the problem skin area. They have lipolytic, vasoconstrictive and antiflammatory properties improving microcirculation and the breakdown of fat cells.

How many sessions do I need?

It takes about 8-10 sessions with an interval of 20 days between them. After the completion of the treatment, a maintenance of the result is required 2 times a year.

Mesotherapy and Local Fat

Mesotherapy can also be applied in localized fat deposition with excess concentration of fatty tissue. This method aims to the fat cells receptors where we have fat production and reduction. The substances used are particularly lipolytic and require 8-10 sessions. After the completion of the treatment, a maintenance of the result is required 2 times a year.


  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Inflammatory facial diseases
  • Patients with autoimmune diseases
  • Patients receiving antiseptic medicines
  • Patients with infectious diseases (Aids, hepatitis or active infections such as herpes)
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