What is Frax Peel?

Frax peel is an innovative technique in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.
It is an excellent method for the prevention of aging, providing effective, miraculous results.

It has incredibly many applications, it faces ideally scars, marks, streaks, cellulite, sagging skin, small and large wrinkles, dilated pores.

Fraxpeel method creates small wounds to the blood vessels which are located under the skin surface. Thus, it stimulates a natural wound healing of the dermis which stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin and provides a more radiant, firmer and youthful skin.

There are many advantages of this treatment as it is a natural process of cells’ regeneration and appropriate for all skin types in men and women.

How and where is it performed?

Fraxpeel treatment is performed at the office. Initially we apply an anesthetic cream for 20 minutes and then we scan the surface of the skin with upward, downward and parallel movements from side to side.

The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the problem we have to face. The treatment is painless and all the patient feels is a slight pinching sensation which is very acceptable, after the treatment we place a soothing facial mask and a specific serum to relieve irritation.

After the treatment there is a slight irritation which subsides in a few hours. The patient can directly return to everyday activity.

Instructions to follow

  1. Cold water or chamomile patches.
  2. Soothing face cream.
  3. Use of sunscreen face cream all year long.

Fraxpeel and mesotherapy

The method of fraxpeel works perfectly in combination with other treatments such as face and body mesotherapy treatments (eg cellulite).
With pharmaceuticals which may be vitamins, hyaluronic acid etc. or firming and fat burning products.
With biorepair - growth factors (growth factors are a substance from our own body with enormous regenerative capability), it is a totally natural method and has a much more direct effect providing a more radiant and firm skin since we have a more rapid cell renewal.

How many treatments should I do?

The treatments required are determined by the problem we are facing, but generally a total of 6-10 treatments with an interval time of 10-15 days is sufficient.

Upon completion of the therapy a maintenance of the result is required 2-3 times a year.

Fraxpeel and marks (scars, traumatic scars from acne, scars from accidents)

Frax peel is a powerful tool and besides reconstruction and all the advantages mentioned above, is also highly effective in skin marks which may occur from various causes, acne, postoperative scars or small marks from accidents.

Fraxpeel stimulates a natural wound healing of the dermis which results to natural production of collagen and hence leads to a gradual reduction of marks and scars.

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